Celebration of wild Limfjords Oysters from Svend Søe Bonde and hand-harvested wild Wadden Sea Oysters
Backstage & Chefs Table Henne Kirkeby Kro and River Cottage
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Production: RED STAR, Esbjerg, Denmark'


The Wild West

Upon Denmark’s West coast, in the tiny town of Henne Kirkeby, is an inn that almost defies nature herself.

Nothing predictable. Just as the rugged beauty of the nature refuses to succumb, so does the inn. Stubbornness, and a certain madness has created a unique place, remaining yet humble.

Here, the Family Skouboe have built upon house traditions, creating a scene of unpredictability, happiness and enjoyment. With no skeleton of Jante law and restraint, Henne Kirkeby Kro is built upon small details, and big surprises.

If the inn is the stage, the kitchen the nerve, then the country’s largest kitchen garden is the heart. Over the last 200 years, the garden has supplied the kitchen with vegetables, roots, herbs, berries & fruits. The path from farm to table, could hardly be shorter.

Together with Michelin starred chef Paul Cunningham, the natured union is transformed into a higher unity: the passion, the power and the happiness can be tasted.

Welcome to the inn.